This is a page about the process, why and how aquatic weeds are proliferating and can be controlled with your equipment.

Fighting the war on aquatic weeds is fought with four conventional methods:

  1. Dewatering: remove all the water, and kill the weeds (and everything else)
  2. Chemicals: Apply chemicals and kill the weeds (what is the long-term effect)
  3. Introducing a biological agent into the environment: A non indigence species to the area posses some interesting issues.
  4. Aquatic Weed Harvesting: cut the weeds and remove them from the environment.

These four methods are discussed by both the academic world and the secular world and like all things discussed..everyone has an opinion.

Keep in mind that there are NO simple solutions to this problem, only intelligent options to manage and control it.

It is our position that all four options are expensive…but aquatic weed harvesting is the most manageable and least invasive method to the overall eco-system and environment.