Our Harvester Models

We sell a complete line of NEW mechanical aquatic weed removal machines commonly referred to as aquatic weed harvesters. This is a global business so quality of product and product support are crucial to maintaining the products.

You, the customers, are purchasing directly from us, the manufacturer.

All manufactureres build these machines on a custom, made to order basis. No manufacturer  inventories new product.

Choices must be made before the purchase as to the type of hull material, propulsion, engine, and other features critical to perform effectively and efficiently in the specific environment our customer will be applying our products.



Harvester Models

We have nine  (9) basic new mechanical weed harverster models in our line. These harvesters can be modified by our talented design team to be whatever the customer needs require. Upon discussing the application of the machinery, we will always take the liberty to share our field experiences with you and make constructive suggestions that specifically apply to your machinery application. We strive continually to update and improve our complet product line as well as introduce new models for a broader custom application.


Cut Width

Carry Capacity

WH5-225 SS 5 ft. / 1.524 m 225 cu ft. / 6.3713 m3
WH6-350 6 ft. / 1.8288 m 350 cu ft. / 9.910 m3
WH7-450 7 ft. / 2.1336 m 450 cu ft. / 12.7425 m3
WH8-550 8 ft. / 2.4384 m 550 cu ft. / 15.574  m3


9 ft. / 3.048 m39 ft. /3.048 m3

10 ft. /3.048 m3

650 cu ft. / 18.406  m3800 cu ft. / 22.653 m3

1050 cu ft. / 29.73 m3


What can we offer to you as a customer?

The best built Harvesters and support equipment the industry has to offer!
We can provide you with a factory certified and warranteed as new, rebuild program for your future or existing Lake Weed Harvester(s) provided you have a Stainless Steel Hull.

1) This program will take your old harvester and rebuild it to the current production specifications of a brand new harvester.

2) You will receive a new machine warranty with this program.Just delivery the machine to the factory and we will call you when it is completed.

3) You will save money over buying a new harvester.

What about Trade ins or Trade ups?

Yes, we want you to grow, expand, and be happy with not only our product but our service… so lets discuss a deal to trade in or trade up.

What about a Consignment Sale?

Yes… tells what you have to sell in Weed Harvesters… brand is not important.

What about Parts and Service?

Of course… direct to you from the factory.

Our challenge:

You can always find something cheaper, the challenge is to find something better!
For more information on New harvesting equipment, models, and quotes please contact:

Rick Knauff
President of Sales
phone: 1 (612) 868-0143
skype: rkawhc1