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Our complete standard line of aquatic plant harvesters includes nine (9) distinct models. Each model harvester has appropriate sized support equipment that we manufacture and is available to support them. Our range of capacity is from 1,100 lbs (498 kg) to 16,800 lbs (7,620 kg).

  • We can custom build bigger.
  • We set very high quality standards for our employees so as to guarantee our customers get the quality they are paying for. A global business, like ours, has to provide the best product or they do not get repeat business.
  • We strive for that commitment from our customers. Anybody can sell one item, but a true quality product supplier survives on repeat business. That is our goal.
  • You are buying directly from the manufacturer.
  • All harvester manufacturers build to order- we custom build to our customers needs and build to order.
  • We have many options so our customers buy by choice, not chance.

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New Equipment

Take a look at the new WH5-225 SS in the video below

Aquatic Weed Harvester Company’s new SS Series aquatic plant management equipment manufactured by Spooner Machine, Inc. of Spooner, WI is starting to roll out the door for spring delivery.

Pictured is a new WH5-225 SS  aquatic weed harvester on a trailer conveyor

All our equipment is manufactured right here in Spooner, Wisconsin and all our parts are USA sourced. We even have our own plant facilities located in Spooner, WI.

Please set up a factory tour and come visit us.

WH5-225 SS Aquatic Weed Harvester with a stainless steel hull,

225 cubic foot (6.3713 m3) carry capacity, 5 foot (1.524 m) wide cutter head, this aquatic weed harvesting machine is available NOW!

Call for price and availability 612-868-0143

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At Aquatic Weed Harvesters, we manufacture only heavy duty commercial quality aquatic weed harvesting equipment. A complete line of weed harvesters, trailers, trailer conveyors, shore conveyors, shuttle transport barges, Amphibious Hydraulic Excavators, work barges, transport barges, Amphibious Utility Tractors, and custom made marine vessels. If you wish to seek further information proceed on, and thank you for stopping by.

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Aquatic weed harvesting is THE most environmentally friendly solution to remove noxious aquatic vegetation.