October 1, 2016

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Looking for a NEW aquatic weed harvester?
Have we got a super deal for you!

Look at Model WH5-225: With a stainless steel hull, 225 cubic foot (6.3713 m3) carry capacity, 5 foot (1.524 m) wide cutter head, this aquatic weed harvesting machine is available NOW!

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At Aquatic Weed Harvesters, we manufacture only Heavy Duty commercial quality aquatic weed harvesting equipment. A complete line Of weed  harvesters, trailers, trailer conveyors, shore conveyors, shuttle transport barges, Amphibious Hydraulic Excavator, work barges, transport barges, Amphibious Utility  Tractors, and custom made marine vessels. If you wish to seek further information proceed on and thank you for stopping by.

Featured Equipment

MS-85 Rear View

Ultimate Utility Tool – The MS-85

The MS-85 is the Ultimate Utility Tool for Marine use. This is a surface debris skimmer with an 85 cubic foot (2.407 cubic meters) carry capacity. It comes with removable deck plates and converts into a work barge with optional tool chest, generator, welder, lifting device and whatever else you need for your application This […]


Featured Model: WH4-75

Water Master Series II line of aquatic weed harvesters. Light weight, extremely portable, compact, productive commercial quality harvester for the lake home owner, maintenance contractor, property management companies, and resort/marina’s. Three (3) sized models to choose from. These machines cut, pick up, store cut vegetation on board, transport cut vegetation to a  discharge area, and discharge […]